Soft Skills Academy was a three-day education event held in Cologne, Germany and it was organized by the Erasmus Student Alumni Association (ESAA) along with partner organizations: Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and Oceans in which there was a wide range of participants from all around the world including our own representatives, the president of ESN Sarajevo Ismar Sućeska and coordinator of the  PR team ESN BIH Samra Džumhur.

The main goal of this event was to connect  different kinds of cultures. Therefore, there were many useful workshops that gave everyone a very rich experience. The workshops included topics like cultural differences and similarities, how to work in multicultural and international groups including how to motivate an international team and how to keep it stable. Besides these types of workshops there were also workshops in which the participants analyzed the nature of specific cultures based on their basic knowledge about them, then, with a comparative method they continued to analyze everything else about those cultures and as a result they learned even more from each other.

Part of this education was also focused on development of soft skills, such as about categorization of personality. In these workshops the participants were organized in groups based on their reaction to certain events where by the end of it the participants were tought how to get ready for an interview, common problems regarding interviews and in general how to be more productive and organized.

The Academy managed to achieve its goal, and judging by the positive comments from the participants they were pleased with it, too. Our representatives were satisfied aswell and called it one of the best education events they attended and that it was highly useful for them. Thanks to this type of event not only did they increased their knowledge in culture and international way of living, but also they got to meet many amazing people from every part of the world.