As a part of our goal to motivate and educate students about the opportunities of the Erasmus+ program as well as the NGO sector and what benefits can come from it, ESN Bosnia and Herzegovina attended the Seventh Scholarship Fair.

The Seventh Scholarship Fair was held on 12.15.2016 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo and was organized by the Department for International Cooperation at the University of Sarajevo. The main idea was to gather organizations, institutions and various foundations that provide financial support to all those who were willing to dare and take a step to study or spend a semester abroad. In addition, the Seventh Scholarships Fair aimed to be the number one place where young people could find all of the information on open scholarships and to learn about various volunteering possibilities in such organizations.

Students who visited our booth had the chance to talk with us, our student volunteers and learn about our work, what we do and how are we there to help them. Our volunteers also presented students about current open calls for scholarships for doing a semester abroad or gaining a Master’s degree in Europe within the Erasmus+ exchange programme.

The Fair was attended by 27 institutions, it featured the Embassy of Japan, Hungary, Malaysia, the United States, Sweden and others, as well as organizations such as The Incubator for Social Innovation “Munja”, DAAD, Confucius Institute at the University of Sarajevo, and others. The whole event was deemed successful by the participating partners and from students themselves who visited the Fair and had the opportunity to get acquainted with all of the possibilities offered to them.