At the end of October from 27th to 29th, Sarajevo hosted one of the biggest European festivals about freedom in Europe and was the place where great minds of politics, economy and freedom of speech gathered. It lasted for three days and featured speakers such as: Vit Jedlicka, Mustafa Akyol,  Tom Palmer and many other influencing personas.

The main objective was the long-term promotion of the significant economic, political and freedom for individuals throughout the Western Balkans.

ESN Bosnia and Herzegovina had the honor to be a proud partner and presenter on this important festival and participate in promoting human rights, peace, freedom and mobility of people around Europe and the world as part of their universal rights. At our booth, visitors had the opportunity to speak with our volunteers and learn about one of the biggest student organizations in Europe, what does it stand for and to mainly promote freedom of movement and mobility rights within the framework of the Erasmus+ exchange programme and its impact.